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:confused: I really need some answers. I can not get a diagnosis from any docs about whats going on with me. I have anxiety and panic attacks. I started xanax a year ago I take .25 mg 3 times day. My question is has anyone ever felt that there equilibrium is off? For 5 months I have felt so weird like I'm being pulled to one side or the other, I call it dizzy but I don't have spinning or visual problems, just feel like i'm on a boat , or when I'm come down my steps, when I'm done I still feel like I'm coming down them. I hate it I can't work or function. I had every test done, I mean every test you can think of. I've been on all kinds off message boards looking for help, but none so far. I'm hoping there is someone like me out there. I'm weaning myself off of the xanax I started 2 days ago so it will take atleaste a month to stop. I stopped a couple of months ago but only for 2 wks, so I don't know if it would of helped me or not. Also this dizziness never goes away it is constant.:( thanks hollygirl33

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