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[COLOR="red"]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]Also, pat on the back for staying sober as long as you have. You have a lot of reasons to be proud of yourself.

My opinion, I understand your present doctor has helped you through many difficult times in your life. I think that he is treating you mainly for depression and not the anxiety. The symptoms that are referring to below are anxiety. I've been there and have suffered what you are describing. Both the ADs that you are on are for Major Depressive Disorder. I would think you would do better on something that would treat both the anxiety and depression like Lexapro, or Paxil. I'm on Paxil it treats both the anxiety and depression.

Also the AD that you are on (Pristiq(sp)?) is contraindicated for someone with high blood pressure. If I were you I would find out who a good Psych doctor is in your town and go for an appointment. I'm sure your doctor is being careful about prescribing a benzo (for anxiety) because of your addiction issues. Also, how long have you been on the AD? If you just started in the last week or so you may feel a little worse at first (more anxiety, stomach upset) before you feel better. These meds usually take 2-3 weeks to take effect.

Another thing, your job!! It sounds extremely stressful and maybe you need to look for something else. [COLOR="red"]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]Maybe you need a job a little more calming than your present job. This would probably help to reduce some of the anxiety.

I really don't feel like you are having a nervous breakdown. You are suffering from stress overload, which has caused extreme anxiety.

Hang in there! Try to focus on relaxing while you are out of work this week and maybe checking with another doctor (Psychiatrist would be best). Go do something that brings you relaxation (reading, swimming, walking, whatever you like).

Best Wishes!

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