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Hi I am struggling also, I have so many things going on now it would take me an hour just to type it all. your not alone at all. Many of us who have anxiety disorder feel the same way. I only had anxiety for a year and I can't imagine it lasting forever. Although it feels like forever. I'm fighting a new battle along with my anxiety, I have constant dizziness, not a normal dizzy it's like my equilibrium is off and I feel pulled , my head feels heavy my body feels like it's going the wrong way. it's just crazy. Along with that I always think I'm gonna have a stroke or something. I think this is the day I'm gonna die. I've had this dizziness for about 5 months and I had every test done I mean everyone. So I know I don't have a brain tumor or heart problems, in fact I'm real healthy. Anyhow is the last 5 months I would just stay in bed and think this dizziness is never going away. OMG I have to live like this, I would cry have panic attacks you name it. But after all this time I realized there is no reason for me to die at this time atleaste health wise and I better get up and try to fix this problem. I did last week i got up and said screw it I gotta fight this stuff. I've been on xanax for a year, but decided to wean myself off and that started over a week ago, already i feel a little better, I also started to clean my house and attempt to do other things take a walk, go to physical therapy for my dizzy problem and do some yard work. I had to keep my mind off of the panic and my dizzy problem. Cause when you sit a stew about it it only gets worse, much worse. I felt like i had a case of the flu I thought my arms and legs weren't strong anymore, I thought i am losing all my motor skills, I couldn't get a shower thought I would fall or have a stroke while taking one. (LOL) I can laugh now because a week ago I thought all of that, and now I'm taking a break to talk to you while I'm outside doing yard work. The mind does so many weird things and we have to control it or it will control us. I am not healed and I think it may take me a good while to get there, but if your 100% healthy try to remember it's all in your head. Fight it stay strong and feel free to talk to me anytime I have found much support on this board. Oh yeah don't read negative things it's a real bad thing to do, I always did it, but not anymore. Are you taking any meds for your anxiety? Well my heart goes out to you and I'll check on you or keep us updated. Take Care hollygirl33

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