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I have been dealing with anxiety for about 5 years now. When i first started I went on Celexa, and that worked well for a long time. I weaned myself off and life was good. Until about a year later when the attacks started again. I have decided to start a daily pill again rather than the Xanax which I was taking almost daily to cope. My doc prescribed 10mg of Lexapro and I took the first pill last night. I got up to go to work this morning after some restlessness last night, and I was dizzy, off balance, naseaous. Had to call out. I still feel very dizzy, out of it, dry mouth, I feel sick when I stand up. How long do these symptoms last? I seem to remember feeling 'messed up' when I first went on Celexa years ago but can't recall for how long. I have tomorrow off but have to go to work Monday! How long will I feel like this do you think before I'll be able to function?

And has anyone gotten good relief from Lexapro? I am sick of living my life in fear of anxiety attacks.
hmm i didnt hear that the celexa side effects were worse. It is hard for me to remember but I do not remember being this incapacitated when first starting Celexa. I remember feeling buzzed but not dizzy, spacey, nauseous. I am thinking of stopping the Lexapro and going on Celexa instead because it did help me and it can't be as bad as this. left a message for the doc.

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