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Lexapro must be pretty strong because I am only on 5mg. I started on Tues. So, it's almost 5 days once I take my dose tonight. I guess the worst side effects I have had so far is that I am so tired. Even on 5mg. I also have had some sweating and nausea. I am taking 0.5 mg of klonopin at night for sleep (the nurse at my physcians office) told me that will help with the restlessness and or possible insomnia you can get at first with Lexapro. I imagine the combination of both the klonopin and Lexapro could be making me tired as well. I have never really been able to take more than .5mg of the Klonopin at night. If I take it during the day I am a zoombie for several hours. I really hope Lexapro does the trick. I tried Prozac over a year ago and it was HORRIBLE!!! It sent my anxiety into overload and my blood pressure sky high. I was really scared to try anymore meds after the Prozac experience but I need to do something more than the Klonopin at night. It's just not cutting it.
I was on 5mg Lexapro for 3 weeks. Horrible side effects for the first two weeks. Then knew the 5mg wasn't enough so went to 10mg. I went through exactly the same side effects horror for the next two weeks. Fortunately just like before the side effects are abating and the huge plus is that it seems like 10mg will do it for me. I'm on day 16 after doubling the dose. Focus returning. Driving all over the place reclaiming my territory :)

Yes, the first two weeks on Lexapro make you feel like you're starting over. Not just from side effects but from everything...and it will make your anxiety a bunch worse. Just view it as a day to day thing and get to 14 days.

It's working for me, but as everyone says, every person is different.

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