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Interesting - I am in the same boat as you - but different water, so to speak. I have never taken an SSRI, but have just started taking celexa to try and combat my new-found panic attacks (fun stuff). The first week I took 10 mg and I just stepped up Thurs to 20mg. I was just about through what I think was the worst of the side effects when I upped the dose like I was supposed to. It was kind of like starting over.

I don't have too much dizziness, but I had a marked increase in anxiety, nervousness, jitters. I am taking 1 - 1.5 mg per day of ativan just to get through the initial weeks of the celexa. Then I hope to gradually stop the ativan completely.

On the lexapro v. celexa discussion. I have a friend who takes lexapro and felt great once it kicked in. She's only been on it a few months and is taking a relatively small dose (5 mg). She has already seen a need to go ahead and up that to 10mg because it wasn't as effective as she had hoped. She is taking it for depression - not anxiety. My doctor specifically chose celexa for me because, in her experience, celexa's up front side effects are a bit worse (I can vouch for that), but longer term, there seem to be a lower incidence of side effects that some other SSRIs. Now I have certainly see reviews to the contrary, but I am trusting my doc on this one. She hasn't failed me yet! Maybe celexa is either a love it or hate it kind of drug. You seemed to do well on it before, so that gives me hope.

Like I said, my friend has been doing fine on the lexapro and she lost that foggy, spacey, tired feeling after about 2 weeks. But she also took a pretty low dose. Hope this helps.

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