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I have been dealing with anxiety for about 5 years now. When i first started I went on Celexa, and that worked well for a long time. I weaned myself off and life was good. Until about a year later when the attacks started again. I have decided to start a daily pill again rather than the Xanax which I was taking almost daily to cope. My doc prescribed 10mg of Lexapro and I took the first pill last night. I got up to go to work this morning after some restlessness last night, and I was dizzy, off balance, naseaous. Had to call out. I still feel very dizzy, out of it, dry mouth, I feel sick when I stand up. How long do these symptoms last? I seem to remember feeling 'messed up' when I first went on Celexa years ago but can't recall for how long. I have tomorrow off but have to go to work Monday! How long will I feel like this do you think before I'll be able to function?

And has anyone gotten good relief from Lexapro? I am sick of living my life in fear of anxiety attacks.
Thanks for the input. I haven't been on the other drug in 1.5-2yrs, and this is a different drug that I am on than I had before, so that's not the problem. I think my body is just reeling from this drug being in my system. I just hope I can adjust to it quickly and lose the queasy feeling and dizziness. I can't go to work like this! If I didnt have to work I could stay in bed for however long it took for me to feel better, but I am in sales and have to work to earn a living (tiny salary, almost all commission). Wish me luck!
I have been on lexapro for almost a month now. Had the same symptoms as you the first couple of days. I had asked the same questions. Was also so sick to my stomach that I did not eat for several days. It went away completely after a week and now I feel much better.

Helped me a lot with the anxiety and panic attacks.

Hang in there, I am sure it will get better for ya too.
Interesting - I am in the same boat as you - but different water, so to speak. I have never taken an SSRI, but have just started taking celexa to try and combat my new-found panic attacks (fun stuff). The first week I took 10 mg and I just stepped up Thurs to 20mg. I was just about through what I think was the worst of the side effects when I upped the dose like I was supposed to. It was kind of like starting over.

I don't have too much dizziness, but I had a marked increase in anxiety, nervousness, jitters. I am taking 1 - 1.5 mg per day of ativan just to get through the initial weeks of the celexa. Then I hope to gradually stop the ativan completely.

On the lexapro v. celexa discussion. I have a friend who takes lexapro and felt great once it kicked in. She's only been on it a few months and is taking a relatively small dose (5 mg). She has already seen a need to go ahead and up that to 10mg because it wasn't as effective as she had hoped. She is taking it for depression - not anxiety. My doctor specifically chose celexa for me because, in her experience, celexa's up front side effects are a bit worse (I can vouch for that), but longer term, there seem to be a lower incidence of side effects that some other SSRIs. Now I have certainly see reviews to the contrary, but I am trusting my doc on this one. She hasn't failed me yet! Maybe celexa is either a love it or hate it kind of drug. You seemed to do well on it before, so that gives me hope.

Like I said, my friend has been doing fine on the lexapro and she lost that foggy, spacey, tired feeling after about 2 weeks. But she also took a pretty low dose. Hope this helps.
Lexapro must be pretty strong because I am only on 5mg. I started on Tues. So, it's almost 5 days once I take my dose tonight. I guess the worst side effects I have had so far is that I am so tired. Even on 5mg. I also have had some sweating and nausea. I am taking 0.5 mg of klonopin at night for sleep (the nurse at my physcians office) told me that will help with the restlessness and or possible insomnia you can get at first with Lexapro. I imagine the combination of both the klonopin and Lexapro could be making me tired as well. I have never really been able to take more than .5mg of the Klonopin at night. If I take it during the day I am a zoombie for several hours. I really hope Lexapro does the trick. I tried Prozac over a year ago and it was HORRIBLE!!! It sent my anxiety into overload and my blood pressure sky high. I was really scared to try anymore meds after the Prozac experience but I need to do something more than the Klonopin at night. It's just not cutting it.
I was on 5mg Lexapro for 3 weeks. Horrible side effects for the first two weeks. Then knew the 5mg wasn't enough so went to 10mg. I went through exactly the same side effects horror for the next two weeks. Fortunately just like before the side effects are abating and the huge plus is that it seems like 10mg will do it for me. I'm on day 16 after doubling the dose. Focus returning. Driving all over the place reclaiming my territory :)

Yes, the first two weeks on Lexapro make you feel like you're starting over. Not just from side effects but from everything...and it will make your anxiety a bunch worse. Just view it as a day to day thing and get to 14 days.

It's working for me, but as everyone says, every person is different.
I really hope the Lexapro does the trick. The side effects have been tolerable so far. I am on it a week today. Only 5mg though. I see my Dr next week to see if we increase or stay where we are. I really hope it works. I feel so desperate at times.

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