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hi there,

yes its 3:18 am here and i can't not sleep as usual and ran across your last post.

citroprolam is and antidepressant...sounds to me (not a dr by any means) but as i said in an earlier post i feel your pain. i was finallly put on an "antianxiety" med. buspar....and recently low dose of klonopin during spells and at night to help ease the anxiety (as you can tell that ones working)...

anyway...i also wondered if you have had labs done? because i did wed. and as i posted on the bipolar board...(which i haven't been diagnosed but show signs of) my labs showed abnormal thyroid levels and would not believe the symptoms of hyperthyroidism that match what i have been having...heart palpitations, sweating,forgetfulness, clumsiness, intolerance to heat, hypertension,(i'm on a bp pill), nervousness, insomnia (got that), tremors, and flushed warm skin.......this is most of them out of a nursing book

so long story but , my point is maybe you should ask your dr for an anxiety med rather than antidepressant, and if any of these other apply as for labs.

the paper says normal levels are 0.4-4.0 and mine is 5.627 plan (not always THE plan) but my dr called in sythryoid (sp?) and i pick that up in the am.....i just thought i would tell you....because your symptoms sound so much like mine...

and if we can all work to together we can help eachother....sorry if i'm rambling but it is the middle of the night and i'm kinda wired with the thyroid and prayers...kel

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