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28 year old healthy male. Haven't been to the doctor since I was 16 before this episode, so I'm little in the way of having health issues. No history of anything but Alzheimer's in the family. Been to the doctor five times in the last month with no real diagnosis other than doctor (been to three different ones, including an ER visit) will take my symptoms seriously, so I'm asking you what you think. Here's a break down of what's happened to me.

[B]Late May:[/B] A bout with nausea and vomiting. Lasted one day. Could have been a result of bad fast food. No recurrence as of yet.

[B]Memorial Day[/B]: Gash my head on a metal basket in the garage.

[B]Beginning of June[/B]: This is the day everything "really" started. Worked in the yard in the morning digging a trench. That night, on the way home from work, began feeling all the symptoms of a UTI. Took a shower and discovered a hugely enlarged lymph node on the right side of my neck. Go to the doctor the next morning, take a urine test, and am diagnosed with acute bacterial prostatitits (e-coli found in urine; doctor found enlarged prostate after DRE). Doc says the lymph node is either from either the gash on my head or reactive of my prostatitis. Am given antibiotics and the lymph node goes down in size considerably, but is still there (pea-sized).

[B]First week of June[/B]: Feelings of fatigue, malaise, no appetite and begin losing weight. Also start having SEVERE health anxiety, mostly due to looking on the internet. Doc prescribes Paxil for anxiety. Lose 13 lbs in 3 weeks, but have since put back on 6 since starting on the anxiety meds.

Second week of June[/B]: Start having pain in my groin/lower back/hip. No enlarged groin lymph nodes (doctor checked). Right side of groin is tender and slighly swollen. When I push on it it feels like I'm pushing fluid around; not like that on the other side.

[B]Third week of June[/B]: The hip pain and lower back pain is really getting to me. I also start a dry cough. I end up in the ER and they took a chest x-ray and say I have an Upper Respiratory Infection. The cough goes away after a few days or so, but am having a constantly high blood pressure every day (around 150/90; normal for me is about 130/85) and chest pains (tightness), but have written it off to anxiety due to the chest x-rays not having found anything.

[B]Fourth week of June[/B]: Appetite starts returning as anxiety begins subsiding. Pain in the hip has started to subside, but now has worked its way down to my left tender in one specific spot. No swelling or bruising. The tender spot is the size of a quarter.

[B]Yesterday[/B]: Pain in my right femur now as well. The same: one specific quarter-sized spot. Lower back pain is killing me when I walk. Started having a little blood after a BM on the toilet paper, but suspect that it's from an anal fissure, as it occured after a pretty strainful constipation BM.

So what I'm left with now is a pea-sized neck lymph node (that the doctor attributes to my gashing my head or my prostate infection), a swollen groin on the right side, pain in the back/hip/femur, and chest pains/increased blood pressure. Every doctor says that there's nothing wrong with me, that I'm fine, and that it's all in my head. Had a CBC that the doc went over with me and said there was nothing even remotely suspicious. For the last month I have thought that I have something pretty severe (possibly cancer), but am starting to think that it's no coincidence that all this started the day I was digging this trench in my yard. Is it possible that I could have torn or ripped something in my abdomen? The bacteria found in my prostate was e-coli, which is usually found in the colon, so could it be that maybe I strained and tore something that would allow this stuff to get into my abdomen area? Could this cause the swelling on the one side of my groin? I'm finding it hard to believe that everything is just one big coincidence after not having any issues for 15 years. What could it be? And what should I request of the doc if I go back?


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