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Help !!!
Jun 30, 2008
I had my first panic attack a couple of months ago while shooting darts after several beers. I went back to my hotel and thought I was going to die for the better part of the night. My father died at 50 from a heart attack and I just thought I was next in line at 41. (It was the worst experience of my life)!! SO, I settle back into life after that and have another one (again after a night of drinking) recently. That was about a week 1/2 ago.

I have quite drinking, take vitamins and have run two 5K's in the last week, but I now have a constant headache for the last week with associated lightheadedness. Not dizzy or nausiating, just a little off course. Both mostly go away while sleeping except for my stiff neck. I am freaking out. I saught out my PCP and he said my ears look good and my balance was good. But, I am still lightheaded and the headache won't shut down. Both are better with some rest, but come back. I take 3-4 Ibuprophen at a shot for the headache and some Sudafed at night sometimes to help me get to sleep. Of course after the anxiety of the panic attack and so forth, I am feeling like I might have cancer, a brain tumor or Meningitis. Possibly Diabetes? This stuff would be a lot easier to ignore if the symptoms would GO AWAY. Wife and friends seem to think that it is in my head. And, the Dr. doesn't know why I would be feeling like this. HELP!!!!
If anyone has anything close to this or a good story to share, please bring it on. Thanks

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