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I was prescribed Xanax XR for the same reason as you. I do not generally do well with Anti-depressants. I also could not take the Xanax XR- I was way too sleepy and in this fog. I went back to Klonopin but that is not effective anymore. So, we are tying Lexapro. So far it's not too bad. Few side-effects but I am taking it along with my Klonopin to help reduce any axniety that might be induced by the Lexapro. My Dr told me that sometimes your anxiety might get worse when you first start Lexapro. I know when I tried Prozac it was HORRIBLE!! I am hopeful that Lexapro does the trick. You might look into it. I have not been on it long enough to say it's good or bad. Hang in!
You know to be honest I didn't stay on the Xanax XR very long. Maybe less than a week. I just didn't like how it made me so tired all day and I took it at night. I may not have given it a fair shot but I decided to go to the Klonopin because while it made me tired it was a different kind of tired (without) that foggy feeling I had with the Xanax XR. You might try it at night. One of the problems I had with Klonopin is that I really needed it during the day too. But, I was just too sleepy on it. So, now I take Lexapro with Klonopin at night. It's been a little over a week and I am not sure if this combo is working or not. I see the Dr next Tues so I will see how I feel then.

Hang in there!!!

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