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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's me in a nutshell!!!!!!!! You could have just written that for me. That is why I am seeing a counselor and been working on meds the past year to get the right one for me. Klonopin was working pretty well but as the stress increased in my life it was not cutting it. I have had pretty much non-stop major stressers in my life for about 11 years now. More than most people I think. I, like you, feel the same way. Like I am back to being this child. It's scary! I have a small child as well and NEVER really take him anyway because of the fear of "something" happening. What that something is, is anyone's guess but it's real.

My counselor just started me on Lexapro last Tues (5mg) and then I take the Klonopin at night at bed time to aid in sleep. I hope it does the trick. I think, maybe, not sure that the Lexapro is working. It might be too soon to tell. Only a week today. I just want my life back!!!! I tried prozac and Xanax XR in the past year. Prozac about did me in. Horrible stuff for me. Took my anxiety to another level and I NEVER want to go there again. I could literally not leave the house. Xanax XR just made me non-functioning. Too tired.

Hang in there and seek help from you family physician or other. I understand so much how you feel and I really hate it for you. I know how awful it is. (((HUGS)))

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