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Just wondering is anyone has had a drink or two when taking these meds? Is it ok? How did you feel? I know the warning on the bottle of both of my meds say alcohol will increase drowsiness. My Dr told me to just be careful but didn't say how much to have or not have. I am not a heavy drinker but I do like my wine every now and then. Maybe once a week (2 glasses).
I noticed that while on Lexapro alcohol hits me twice as hard. One drink feels like 2 or maybe even 3. I just started Lexpro again after stopping for a few months and I definately can see the diffrence with alcohol. The drinks do hit me alot harder, but hell I kind of like that!
But I would not mix alcohol with benzos like Klonopin. I believe that could be deadly.
Thanks for the replies. I agree it seems like the alcohol hits harder than usual when taking the Lexapro. I have been on Klonopin for over a year and I guess I haven't noticed much with that in regards to alcohol. But, then I was not mixing all of them together now. Yikes! Thanks so much!!

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