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Sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm terrified of flying because of my anxiety disorder. I get that closed in feeling on an airplane and also that out of control feeling because I'm not flying the plane. I used to also get anxiety driving on congested freeways, however, the pexeva takes care of that now. I'm usually fine when I get to my destination. While you are away on vacation try to avoid caffeine, stay busy (physically), and try to get a good night's rest This won't eliminate your anxiety but it will help. Also, if you just realize that it is just anxiety and it is part of who you are and it is not going to hurt you it will help. If you feel you are starting to get anxious tell yourself it is just anxiety (matter of fact a good anxiety) because you are away from home in a new place experiencing out of the norm things. Don't let the anxiety ruin your vacation. You can still have fun even though you have anxiety.

Xanax in the US is alprazolam. You might could do a search on a UK prescription database for the name alprazolam and see if anything comes up. It be named different in the UK. Also, Klonopin, and Ativan are similiar. Also, I've heard of Buspar. I've not take Klonopin or Buspar so someone else may respond about these. To me, Valium was not that helpful to me. It did help me sleep when I took it (probably 2-4 times in my life). It was hard to function during the day after taking Valium because it made me too tired and out of it. Xanax was made for people with Anxiety disorder. When I took it during high anxiety times it just mellowed me out. My thoughts slowed down (racing thoughts), my body felt more relaxed, however, I did not feel like I just wanted to lay down and go to sleep.

Best Wishes on your vacation! I know you will have a great time.

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