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Xanax! Xanax! Xanax! I like it so much better than Valium.
I'm with you about flying. I hate it! But you know what I want to fly again soon. First of all, it is by far the safest mode of transportation. You do hear about crashes in the media, however, think about how many planes take off everyday in the world. Accidents are very few and don't occur very often. Another thing to think about is overcoming this fear. You will feel so good that got through the flight when you step off the airplane. Seeing new places is very exciting. Give yourself a pat on the back for going through with the flight and give yourself permission to be anxious. We know the anxiety is uncomfortable but it won't kill us. Take lots of magazines, listen to music. If you have an Ipod buy a relaxation song on Itunes, bring a book you have been dying to read. Best wishes! I'm envious that you are going somewhere and I'm stuck at home all the time. I need to fly somewhere!
Nope, not stupid at all. That is my exact fear too. WOW! I thought I was the only one that felt that way. Then I suggest you XANAX up pal!!! That helps me a lot. Also, it seems like once I get to my destination I am better in a day or so. It's just the thought of it all that is scary at first. Hang in there and try to enjoy!!!!!! :)

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