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i have suffered with BAD anxiety for about 7 comes and goes but mostly comes....i have a horrible fear of cancer and i can't shake it and probably never will shake it....every ache and pain i have i think it' guessed it....cancer......i am on lexapro, and i have xanax that i take when it's really bad....i know i need to beat this fear of cancer(or at least come to terms with it) but it ain't an easy one to beat(just ask my wife) question is this, since i am on lexapro(i had stopped, but just started back on it because my anxiety has become really bad)can it make you mad at the world, or is that just the anxiety talking.....
I know before I started counseling and got on Lexapro (I was just taking Klonopin) I was MAD at the World big time! I had anger issues in a huge way. I would just lose it at most any little thing. It was horrible. That is why I sought help to begin with- The anger! I have since learned all that anxiety can do to us. It's amazing how horrible it can be and make you feel. Hopefully, getting back on your medication will help.

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