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Re: Jolted awake
Aug 15, 2008
Wow, this is how all my crap started!!! If you read my post about post partum can get my history. Have a seven month old, and was refusing to believe ALL THIS could be anxiety. I jolt awake (when I dont take my ambien) and have tingley all day long...neck tension, numbe fingers ringing in my ears, tension is terrible! I have had anxiety for pretty much my whole life, but something about giving birth just changes everything. I have been to seven different docs trying to get help. ANd I would get so angry when they would 'dismiss' me as having anxiety. I would think..."I hope my husband sues their pants off when I die from some random disease." Havent died yet.... ;)

ANyway, I have been taking 50 mg of zoloft for two months, but maybe it's not enough with the hormones changing from the baby...

Ambien helps a lot, but I dont want to HAVE to take it every night like i have for the past few, it STILL doesnt give me deep sound sleep and I wake up a million times a night and then can't get back to sleep...

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