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:confused: Could any Lexapro users out there please answer a question for me? If you are taking Lexapro for anxiety what dose are you on? I supplement my Lexapro with Ativan because 5 mg. is NOT a therapeutic dose. I switched from Paxil two years ago (weight gain!) to Lexapro and then tapered to 5 mg. to stabilize my weight. I am seeing shrink today so please I hope to hear from some of you before I go. Thinking of telling him I need to go up on dose hoping to ease off of the Ativan. But again, I am in a quandry about even mentioning this because of the whole weight gain issue.

Thanks for any answers or suggestions about this. :angel:
my doctor just upped mine to 10mg...he said the 5 was just not cutting it and i agree
For me 5mg was not enough and 10mg was too much.

have you tried celexa? I did better on that than lexapro.
im on 10 mg. i started on 10 mg, didnt do any gradual dosing or anything. its been 10 days and i feel sooo much better already. i feel a lot more positive and motivated! i dont know what to do with myself because i want to do all these things at once, that i had no energy to do before. first couple of days i had some side effects (anxiety, insomnia, jaw clenching, etc) i lost about 3 pounds, but thats probably because i have a very active physical,job, and have started working out more due to increased energy. i do have an increased apetite, and have been eating a bit more but that hasnt been a problem, because i burn it all of pretty quickly. hope that helps.
I've had the same experience as aleyadventure. The first few days I felt like I was taking little poison pills. I would ache all over and my teeth jaw and face hurt from clenching. Today is day 7 (will be when I take it tonight) and I don't have obsessive thoughts about dying (not suicidal SO much as just dying). My appetite has been cut in half and I hope that continues as I woud like to lose about 20lbs.

I am also occasionally taking half of a 37.5 mg of phentermine when I feel super tired. Drink a lot of water.

My biggest fear was gaining weight and I'm trying to watch it carefully. Most people are on ...most people that I know...are on 10mg.

Good luck. One medication doesn't work for everyone, hopefully your doc will tweak your dose or switch your meds for you.
I too started out on 5mg. Way not doing it. Went to 10mg and had to experience all the same side effects all over again. But BINGO!!! Worked. I'm now on week...heck I don't know but nearing 2 months is best guess. If you feel a bit of relief on 5mg, you'll get lots more on 10mg.

And yes, my doc said that 10mg to 20mg is the normal "theraputic" dose.

Note: Also on 7.5mg Buspar twice a day.
I have started out at 5mg and it was not enough. I went up to 10mg and had to relive the side effects but it was worth it. This board was soooo supportive of me and I thank them all for getting me through it. I also take 0.5mg of Klonopin at night. While the Lexapro is starting to work I am not sure the Klopopin is working as well for sleeping. My Dr said we might have to play around with the meds and that might be what you have to do as well. Also, she told me I could have days when my anxiety kicks back in and I might need to take a little extra klonopin- that is true. I had one of those days this week but I was able to cope without the extra klonopin. Hang in there!
Thanks to those who posted. I am now on day 8 of 10 mgs. and my anxiety has really lessened. Especially the morning "panicky" feelings are gone. I may occassionally need 1/2 mg. of Ativan late in the day. I wish I had gone up to 10 mg. a LONG time ago. I did gain a lot of weight on previous Paxil but I have joined a new medial health/exercise facility that opens in October and will really work on losing some weight. Again, thanks to those who posted!:)

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