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Thanks for the response! That's exactly what I did too..I took 5HTP...are you taking neuroreplete? First though I had to work on my digestion issues so that I could absorb the amino acids. I also use powdered magnesium I put in hot water and that really works as well. I have been trying to balance my whole system as I am taking other supplements to support other that my anxiety will be reduced.

Yoga has helped quite a bit as has accupuncture. I also think candida or a yeast infection can really cause severe anxiety in well as perhaps parasites. I am in the process of trying to get rid of candida's a long process but am feeling better everyday. I got a candida overgrowth by taking lots of antibiotics, birth control, and eating lots of sugary foods. The drugs kills off the good and bad bacteria in your gut leaving no defenses left...thus causing a candida overgrowth..and sugar feeds candida. But if you've had lots of yeast infections and have a hard time getting rid of them and/or you've had recurrent thrush (very white coated tongue) may have a candida overgrowth.

I actually started going to a dr. of traditional chinese medicine more than a year ago and he has guided me and helped me become aware of how the entire body works. I think the American diet and all of the western drugs most people take contribute to imbalances. I only eat beef, fish, chicken, beans, grains---not wheat though, lots of veggies, raw seeds, raw nuts, and a little bit of fruit. I stay away from processed white sugar and white flour. I was a skeptic with regard to Eastern medicine/philosophies before I started seeing my dr. but I am a true believer now. Lots of people have had success with holistic medicine...there's actually a show on Veria...entitled the "Incurables" and it highlights all kinds of success stories with Eastern medicine...check it out if youcan.

I do have to say it takes a lot of time, patience, and money to see results....but it is worth it in the end. I still have a long way to go but the improvements I've seen in over a year have been tremendous. Hope this helps someone else! Any other success stories or questions are welcome...but I am by no means an expert...just stating my experience and giving my opinion.
I just started neuroreplete last night after dealing with anxiety/mild depression off and on for a year. I had a very high stress year a while ago. I'm only doing 2 pills 2x a day instead of 4 because I'm "small" according to the DO. If you take neuroreplete you should take NAC too. I also take lots of vitamins, eat only organic or natural meats and avoid sugar, milk products and wheat as much as possible. I also have the Anxiety and Phobia workbook and have been using the cognitive/behavior techniques religiously. I also do relaxation exercises at night-tense-release because of shoulder tension and I'm seeing a physical therapist because I got so tense my jaw locked up.
Today I feel a little weird but that could be from allergies (they also came on after the stressful year) and water in my ears..I'm dizzy. I don't know that it's from neuroreplete. It has definitely allowed me to not to dwell on certain thoughts and worries, so that's good. I'm hoping it will help me to get my memory back too (my short term memory is bad because of anxiety and I'm only 27!)
Does anyone know why this has worked after the first time? I thought it took a week or more. Has anyone else used neuroreplete? I'm nervous about taking it. Will it make me feel like a zombie?
It's so great to hear someone else is using it. I take neuroreplete with dr. said you needed cys with the neuro...that might be why you're taking the other supplement with it. I actually felt better immediately too. I also take one called repleteextra. I have been off of them for a little while though I'm trying to get rid of a bad candida/yeast/fungal infection that I have..and I'm not able to fully absorb the aminos.

What kind of exercises are in the anxiety friend recommended that to me but I've never purchased it.

Thanks for your post!
...I forgot to mention neuroreplete didn't make me feel like a zombie..I felt I could function better with it. And I too have had short term memory loss most likely due to anxiety. I am also on a diet similar to yours.
Get the book, it's so good! They have things to ask yourself when you get anxious and steps to take. Also, they have affirmations and counterstatements to your anxious thoughts. They also talk about reasons for anxiety, negative views on life, etc. and address personality types, worrier, overgeneralizer, perfectionist, etc.

Well I was doing ok on this Neuroreplete (I just started 2 days ago). I'm not happy but I'm not sad. For some reason yesterday I got depressed for a little while but it went away and I continued my cognitive techniques. Right now my head hurts (like inside) and I feel a little weird so I'm not sure why. (but I'm calm which is good!) I was very very shaky and dizzy this morning when I went in to school to pick something up, so I'm hoping this kicks in better before school starts. Bad memories I guess from the last years when this started. I'm not sure why I feel weird now like in my head. I'm focusing better and staying awake better and even sleeping better. Did you feel weird at all on this? OH and my memory still sucks. 5 times today I couldn't remember words. I'm pretty healthy otherwise. Stupid anxiety. I HATE STRESS IT IS HORRIBLE and RUINS YOUR BODY.
Yes I felt different too...I felt really dizzy when I started taking it...but I felt a lot calmer. I was also on something called repleteextra by the same dr. said I felt so dizzy I should be on that one. I first tried the four pills in the morning and four in the afternoon with the cysreplete...then he put me on repleteextra. Hang in there it should get better...I wish I could be taking neuroreplete now...I am just having digestion issues so it's not well absorbed at this time. I did sleep better with the amino acids. I also take powdered magnesium which helps as well. Keep me updated on how neuroreplete works for you. I'm going to have to get that workbook...what is the exact title and author. Thanks so much!

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