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It seems to me that if there is not a HUGE red flag in labwork, doctors want to blame everything on stress an anxiety.

I haven't been feeling good for the past 6 months or so. I am a 45 year old otherwise healthy woman who exercises regularly(although not so much lately) I don't smoke or drink - I feel like I've got the flu 24/7 - achy, weak, random body pains, stomach issues, no appetite, light-headed, dizzy, just weird feeling in general. I have also lost interest in doing things because I am so consummed with how my body feels. Last week driving to work felt very light-headed and felt like I was going to pass out - stopped at a fire station to have them check my BP - LONG story short - they sent me by ambulance to the hospital ER where I was checked in to stay overnight in the chest pain observation unit (although I wasn't experiencing any chest pain) they kept me there because I do have a history of PACs - Premature atrial contractions. they ran the slew of tests - Brain scan, chest-x-ray, all the labs including D-dimer to check for blood clots, cardiology enzymes, TSH normal - I'm hypothyroid but very thin - 5'9" - weigh 145 lbs - Long story short - the doctor and nurse practitioner said looking at all my tests - I'm as healthy as a horse. Then why do I feel so crappy all the time!!! My regular doctor seems annoyed with me and wants me to start on Lexapro. I'm always hesitant to start a new drug.

I did go through something similar in 1991 when I was 27 years old after the birth of my 2nd child - did the whole searching for answers going to doctor after doctor, ER trips - they put me on Nortripilyne and xanax initially which did seem to help and after years of being on and off of it I finally took myself off it completely last year and the symptoms started to return after about 8 months. Sometimes now when I do try a xanax it doesn't seem to help - hence why i stopped at the fire station thinking there was something really wrong.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to what I'm gonig through? I feel like the only one who is going through this and everyone says it's "in your head" and even my family members are thinking I'm a little kooky! lol:confused::confused: I just want to feel better and enjoy life again and not obsess over why I feel so much of the time.

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