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Don't feel so bad.. Im a 22 year old female with lots of problems too. I started getting anxietty attacks when I was 14. They put me on Lexapro and that didn't help me .. It made me feel nausiated and sick so I wouldn't suggest lexapro.. I decided to deal with anxietty on my own... I learned on how to control it but sometimes it gets the better of me... Following a few months after that I started getting these horrible leg pains and I noticed I get them if I am stressed out or worried about something...I had strup throat 3 times last year in 2007 and I couldnt even walked and was rushed to the emrgency room and they told me to see a nurologist but I dont have insurance so I could'nt go that way... Then a few years ago when I was 18 I started getting bad burning one night and found out I have gastritis.. Recently, a few months ago I started getting migraines which I tried to ignore but couldnt and legs pains here and there... Shooting up and down my legs but I try to ignore them if I can... My mom heard on a christian radio station about chiropracters... I started seeing one maybe 3 months ago and my migraines i dont get them as often... My burnng in my stomach I still get but not as bad.. I suppose they straighten out your spine and everything has to do with nerves so they soo. I still have my symptoms but not as bad.. They are kinda costly if you dont have insurance.. I am still seeing one but need to go more often than I am now.... Just look into that I know alot of people are skeptical about chiropracters even my family .. Miracle doesnt happen over night but I think in a matter of time chiropracters will help you in some sort..

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