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[QUOTE=StephRabin;3699763]SOunds like a generalized anxiety disorder...but of course I am not a doctor... Because you have a history of addiction, i am surprised someoen perscribed you is a very addictive drug as well. You probably need to talk to a therapist who can perscribe better meds for generalized anxiety disorder.

I have been posting lately on ehre because of my own anxiety..mostly physical symptoms...not sleeping (in months) twitching, tremors, tension, achiness ringing in my ears and many others...

I have been convinced something is wrong with me...however the docs keep running tests and telling me it's anxiety. It all fits except for the excessive I am taking 75 mg of zoloft...maybe its not the right med for post partum depression...who knows...I am calling my old psychiatrist from high school today to try to get an appointment...[/QUOTE]

Anything above 50 mg's of Zoloft made me feel 10 times more anxious.The higher the dose of an AD will usually have a stimulative affect like what I felt.Unfortunately Exercise,eating very healthy and having a positive outlook on life is the best one can do without meds.I don't think its uncommon if someone has a history of addiction to be prescribed something that has a calming affect.This question is a crapshoot because it really depends on the person and how bad the anxiety is.I know sometimes when I have Anxiety I get short tempered even though Im really a mild tempered person.I have trouble relating with people and I have a distrust for people in general.Its hard to live that way especially in the working world.

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