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I have been suffering from anxiety for almost 2 years now since I lost a baby in my second trimester. I had 4 miscarriages total, but thankfully now have 2 beautiful, healthy children. Needless to say it was a very high stress time. I thought I was fine but after a couple of months after losing that baby my heart started pounding in my chest and I was having trouble sleeping. I started having panic attacks and felt like I could not breathe. I had a full cardio workup and other tests. Everything was normal, diagnosis anxiety. I started Lexapro and Klonopin and felt better within 4 days. The drug combo helped me feel better and sleep. I did develop high pitched ringing in both ears but figured when I quit the drugs it would go away (it did not). I stayed on both drugs for 4 months and then decided to try again for a baby. I quit cold turkey. Got pregnant and had my 2nd healthy baby. I was high anxiety through the pregnancy and as soon as she was born I began to wake up gasping for breath during the night. I started the Lexapro again (no klonopin) and my left ear started making a random humming noise. I assumed it was the drug and quit cold turkey again. It has been 17 months now with no drugs except for the occassional .25 mg xanax as needed. I rarely use it. I am on high anxiety again and feel like I need something. I am afraid of SSRI's because of the ear stuff (neither the ringing or humming has gone away). Should I try a different SSRI or just continue xanax as needed? Would it be ok to just do a low daily dose of Klonopin for a while? I am so anxious that I am afraid to take meds. Help and thanks.

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