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Anxiety or what...?
Aug 28, 2008
Hi everyone my name is Blaine and I'm a 17 year old senior in high school,

For awhile now I've been experiencing these weird feelings and I have looked up several symptoms for anxiety and I'm not sure if I fit into that category exactly. The thing is the "attacks" I get are completely random and over completely random things. Sometimes I'll be in my car listening to a certain song and it'll suddenly make me want to cry but I'm not the least bit sad. Later that day I'll hear the song again and it'll have no effect on me. Other times I'll be procrasinating on a project and get this extreme attack where I'm short of breath, feel like I want to cry, and just need to lie on my bed to calm down. Other times I'll think of a huge project, like my English research paper for example, and it'll have no effect on me what so ever even though it's due the next day and I only have two pages done.

Other times I'll be watching a happy go lucky movie and I'll again... suddenly want to cry. The thing is out of all the times I've felt like I wanted to, I actually haven't cried for over two years (back when my dog died). The major thing that makes me think I have anxiety is when I get these "irrational feelings" like a website once told me. Like I'll be watching a love story and I'll think that I'll never meet "that someone" that I love. Not that I won't ever be in a relationship because I've been in several, but that I will never meet "my soulmate" that is constantly depicted in these movies. Other times I'll watch a movie about a mother son relationship or a father daughter, etc., and think of the fact that maybe I'll never have kids and I'll never have that experience. I mean I'm 17, I understand that these don't make any sense but I still find myself feeling it.

I have my annual physical coming up in February so I plan on asking my doctor about it then but I really don't want to bring it up to my family until I'm sure it really is anxiety, don't want to freak them out for no reason. Any kind of advice or anything would be greatly appreciated and sorry for the large blocks of text.


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