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mine started when my grandma died and then the same year so did many member of my extended family.

i turned my anxiety inwards towards my health as well. i got tension headaches and was convinced it was a brain tumor. i also ended up getting migraines from BC and of course i thought...brain tumor. i had palpitations and of course i thought a heart attack must be near. i went through EKG's, brain scans, spinal taps, blood tests, and guess what...

...its ANXIETY! and i would say anxiety is the biggest danger to myself than anything REAL right now. Im on prozac and i take ativan as needed. prozac has helped tremendously. what i've realized... if you cant get it to go away... you need to get to the doctor and ask whats a good medication long term to take. i think of anxiety as more of a disease than anything else. your gonna always have it... but finding ways to get you through is the only way to make something good of your life!

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