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I have similar problems - I actually thought I had damaged the part of my brain that lets you sleep in a moment of the highest anxiety! I laugh to myself about that now...if that was true, how come the sleeping tablets work? Ha ha ha.

I agree with trying to relax. But I would also say you need to learn how to do it...the better you get at it, the better nights sleep you'll get. Be realistic with your goals, and notice the improvement. I'm no expert - in fact I'm a novice but the other comments are true. Relax yourself before bed, and you'll notice the improvement if you stick at it. Reading a book works for me, as I find the TV stimulates my mind again, but its horses for courses I guess.

Above all, please, please don't be afraid of the meds. It's good to be aware of the side effects, but don't let that be a barrier to making you feel better long term. Most antidepressants have the same kinds if side effects, and can make you feel a little worse before you start to get the benefit (say the first week or so). But being aware of this helps you ride it through. Some people get no side effects at all, and those that do it practically always subsides after the first couple of weeks, once your body becomes used to the medication. It's only a very very small percentage that get serious side effects, and that's essentially an allergic reaction.

Sincere best wishes.

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