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Re: Health Anxiety?
Oct 30, 2008
It was so nice to see all the new posts this morning:) Tired of worry, thank you for the reminder to not internet research my most recent fear. I tend to do that obsessively, going to any search site and reading numerous articles with all the same symptoms, most of them are "generic" symptoms that alot of people have and don't mean cervical cancer, but it never helps me. I am going to not let myself look any health issues up from this moment on. I tell myself I am not going to go on to another worry after the PAP results, but I said that several years ago after the breast cancer fear and heart problems. I do seem to move right on, just like this time, went from the ovarian one right to the cervical one as soon as the other was cleared. Before that darn PAP I didn't give cervical cancer a second thought, the last one I had done 8 years ago was just fine, so why wouldn't this one be fine? I frustrate myself....I can relate to you Natty, sometimes I have thought that medication may help me. I am trying to just pray this away, but I would never give anyone a hard time for taking meds for this, it's miserable. Matter of fact, prolly the biggest reason I don't get meds is my fear of taking new meds, with all the side effects I am always sure that is going to kill me. With all my infections over the last month I had to take new antibiotics and it really scared me until I had taken the first couple pills and was still alive. Does anyone here take vitamins? I take a women's multi- magnesium, fish oil, E, B, and cranberry capsules. Vitamin B is supposed to help with stress reduction and mood/emotional well being. So, natural remedies and prayer is the way I am trying....Keep up the posting, it's wonderful to connect , prayers for us all.:angel: ALSO, Tired of worry, I am going to check out that website for positive thinking, anything to help! AND Thomas, don't wanna leave you out, I also get hemmoroids & have had my share of paranoias over that as well, as well as moles, just name it, I have prolly feared it at one time or another. Stay positive everyone, and pray for peace beyond all understanding....

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