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I think its fine and dandy that all these obsessive thoughts and psychosomatic symptoms are really in our head and that we ARE ok but I think there has to be more emphasise on conqouring this disorder. This can't be healthy in the long run. I'm no doctor but overtime worry /stress/anxiety if it effects blood pressure for some then heart trouble down the road must be the next stop. I'v been having heart health anxiety lately. I have mild high blood pressure which i'm on meds.
I've been stressed and anxious over a few things this month, one being having unprotected sex with this friend of mine who is a bit promiscuous. I went for a std check the next week, worried sick I either contracted HIV or chlamidyia or everything else.
worried so much i spent hours on the internet looking up symptoms. of course AIDS scares the hell out of me, worried about that for a month afterwards. getting tested but it takes three months. You all know what I'm talking about the three months wait from hell. I finally said screw it, if i have it, I'll deal with it. Funny enough, i stopped worrying about it. even my so called ars symptoms went away. i had nausia for three weeks and I thought i was sick from HIV pre-infection. i was taking my temperature every day, checking for a high fever. I mean come on right!!!!
finally I started getting mild chest pains and sleepless nights. i felt like my heart was fluttering in my chest. i lift weights, eat healthy, everything to avoid heart trouble. but i know this mst be slowly killing me. But like i said I finally made a conscious choice to just freaking stop worring about it. and it worked. i told myself its not worth having a heart attack over. plus chances are she did not have HIV and chances are, even if she did, I won't get it on a one time thing. Of course that manifested fear went into ocd thoughts about heart trouble. To ice the cake I bought a condo which i'm moving into next month. Im panicking about it because it is a pre-construction and I saw it for the first time yesterday. I'm freaking with thoughts its to small. spent an hour there yesterday measuring each room making sure its big enough. Can i rent it for the money i want. worried about the 6000$ furniture I am holding. Again all the stress, getting mild chest pains again, thinking this will kill me. So STOP worrying damn it i said to myself. its not worth your health. it is working a bit and I'm more relaxed. But now I'm left with the heart health fear again. After all that. Now I'm scared to even do my normal routine in the gym. this really does suck.

I guess the moral of the story is, we are NOT immortal and time will tell what we will face, We have to be brave on that day. when that day comes we will find the strength to face cancer, heart attack, whatever. It will be ok. i knew someone who had cancer and i asked her if she was scared. She said no, she was happier then than many times in her life. We have to accept death is a part of life. obsessing robs us of the life God gave us. We might as well slap him in the face.

maybe I have not figured it out but I think if we keep justifying its just anxiety, its nothing. it is something. raised blood pressure, chest pains (even though alot of these pains are muscle related) it can't be healthy as we age.
acception is the key. not the acception that we have something but the acception that we all will have something one day. Its like worrying about paying taxes, we all have to go through it. Whatever will be will be...just enjoy the gift of life. none of us are here for the long haul. its just a semi long road with a bunch of stuff, good and bad that happens along the way. Hopefully, some of us have God to turn to. i don't really right now but I'm trying. it helps. Just remember weigh the alternatives. Live in hell for the rest of your life with worry and anxiety, or live your life and when the doctor calls on that day years from now...that call most of us fear so much will get maybe in our 60's or 70's.....then we can accept it. remember we are all afraid of getting an sreious disease. we already have one, its anxiety and its real. Funny enough we have accepted that, so we can accept other diseases once they come our way. no point worrying now.

Stress and anxiety probably causes real health problems down the road, but thats my opinion. I'm no doctor or expert.
I take a mild tranquilizer called clonazapam, it helps take the edge off when i'm at my worst. Most dostors prescribe it.

there must be a way, drug free to beat this "disease"

a few facts to think about:
chest pain is normal with stress, chest pain that lasts more than 15 minutes is not. if you get any relief in your pain, its not your heart.

cancer is still rare if you eat right and stop smoking.
remeber worry causes your immune system to weaken, therefore increasing your chances of cancer. howebver, most cancers are very curable. i have friends who have had skin, breast, kidney, lung, brain cancer, there all fine

MS is not that bad for everyone, even if you get diagnosed, chances are you will only be mildy affected by it. I know two people who have it and you can't even tell.

HIV, is hard to catch...possible, probable, but not as easy as people think. not worth worrying about but still condoms, condoms, condoms, it still can happen.

my mother once said, most of the things we worry about never happen, its the stuff we don't think about that gets us in the end. I think thats pretty true. If I had a dime for every thing I worried about that did not happen...i could have bought a bigger condo. I know what your thinking... then if I stop worrying I will get sick...thats called superstition. thats what I keep thinking. Sometimes I think, if i worry about my health then in a way im protecting myself from actually getting something. It does not work that way.

One last thought...please everyone try meditation and stick to it...This I can't talk any greater about.

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