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Same thing with me man. be it at the doctors, therapist, talking to people, my face turns BEAT red! Nothing i tried has helped with the blushing, and my therapist told me last night that thats the last symptom that goes away.. i said great! thats the worst part of social anxiety for me! Plus with me it just feels like my face gets redder and hotter until i'm going to explode or something lol. Somtimes i just feel like getting up and running when im in a situation like that. Like just last night even at my therapists when i was laying down, i felt my face and ears turning beat red. NOTHING helps, i've tried deep breathing, multiple SSRi's, xanax, klonopin, the beta- blocker im on now does NOTHING for my facial blushing either! although it DEFINITELY keeps my heart rate down! But what is weird, and what i was telling my therapist last night was, even though my heart rate is down when i get anxious, i still get that butterfly feeling and my brain still thinks my heart is racing, and when i feel my heart it's not racing at all! he says thats me not letti8ng go of the symptom, so my brain still thinks my heart is racing cause of all the years it has.

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