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Hope I'm not interfering. But I too have these muscle twitches and sometimes nowadays out of the blue violent head moving forward once or so while laying in bed...or a leg all sudden raises up as if to kick someone, lol. in and day out....mostly when still I have twitching,
jerking, and tick like weirdness.
I first noticed it after I quit drinking in 2004. I thought it was part of becoming sober, which I overcame greatly, except those twitches when still.
La la la.... Now I'm on meds for anxiety and depression...and they are almost
constant now. Even my shoulder raises for a sec. I'm afraid it's going to get worse to where I have these "kicks" and weird muscle movements in public, LOL.
I hope it's just Anxiety related, but I even get those when I'm totally relaxed.
Well whatever it sure is a mystery to me.
But more or likely it's Anxiety if we realize it or not.

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