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Yes Looly what a way to live. I also have inner ear vertigo so this really make life interesting. The propranolol to me was a miracle when I first discovered that I had the MVP - with my heart racing for no reason - I just take the 10m as needed and I have little side effects - the good it does out weighs the few side effects. I have been taking this for years though - I could not take the name brand for some reason my body would not break it down but the gereriac (NSP) brand propranolol works great. MY dr suggested that I try the atenol a once a day pill but I have not so far - I like the idea of taking something that works as soon as I take it and this does for me - in just a matter of minutes it stops the racing heart plus it helps with anxiety plus like you I take a little xanax. Like you my husband does not worry about on single thing if his b/P goes up well oh well - I will just go to the Dr and get a different med while we women think why is this happening - what are the long term effects etc. When I was going though the anxiety the last month or so with female problems and it did not help that these crazy dr's make you wait 2 or 3 weeks between tests then don't bother to call you with the results - I had to have a cervical biospy (lots of fun -yikes) and I kept waiting and waiting and they never called - finally my husband said I have had enough of this I am calling and if I have to I will go down there. Well when he called they had the results already filed - normal on everything - and were not even going to call me, and me sitting around worring my head off. My b/p was spiking during this time - I even went to my md once because I was worried - it was up to 140 over 90 but they just brushed it off and said to take more pills - my b/p has always been normal to low when I was younger - now everything is falling apart as I am in my 50's. How old are you Looly? Do you think you might be in menopause causing this? Well later - hope both you ladies do well today. Blessings SH

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