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This happens to me! All I know is sometimes (and this happened last night) if I wake up, or if I have had trouble falling asleep my heart rate jumps up to what I consider to be too fast of a resting rate. I'm having to assume its anxiety reltated.

I try not to use pills, but when I feel like it could escalate into an "attack" I take some xanax. I did last night around midnight and I ended up falling asleep. I wonder if this happens when we wake up and we are startled and then focus on our heartbeat right away.

Anyhow, I think that for anxiety sufferers this is not out of the ordinary.

Trix.......I hate going to bed at night. I have been having more frequent bouts lately as I have a lot of extra anxiety in my life right now. I take a very small piece of Xanax also to help me get back to sleep. The Xanax calms my heart rate also. I try to tell myself that this has happened in the past and I've lived through it and it's going to be fine. I put my wrists under cold water and actually the other night I put some ice in a plastic bag and applied it to the back of my neck. I read that cold can slow the rate. I have also beared down like I am having a bowel movement, which is supposed to slow the heart. I guess it all works my rate does go down within the hour. Then I worry, what happens if it never went down. Always worry. Being anxious is making this happen and being anxious is not going to help the situation. I don't want to go on other meds as I am worried about side effects. I don't know how I'm going to get through this new bout of heart rate problems. Every night when I get into bed I remind my husband how much I hate going to sleep. He then rolls over and starts snoring. I envy him.
Yea, my BP always goes up with my anxiety, when i was in the hospital it was around , i don't remember the first number but the second one was at like 95-109 and kept going up and down for the 7 hours i was there. I was like " look my Bp isn't going to go down until you let me out" The IV of beta blockers didn't even work to lower it, nor did the pill.

While the racing heart and BP spikes can cause damage over the years, i just want to put you at ease and if anybodies arteries/heart should be enlarged/damaged it should be mine! Just from all the years and years of anxiety! But just to let you know after numerous tests everything is fine. It would really take years of constant high BP and a racing heart that doesn't return to a normal beating pattern to do damage. My cardiolgist wasn't too concerned with my high BP spikes when i told him, so try and relax. For an example, powerlifters (bodybuilders) were tested to see how high their BP goes when they lift heavy The numbers were like in the 300's!!! Just to put things into perspective. My psych told me that no matter how embarrassed we get, we can't have a stroke from anxiety and our faces turning red, it can't get that high.

Also, the beta-blocker i'm taking now, you know whats weird? It keeps my heart rate down! But i'm so used to it racing, that i still get that butterfly feeling in my chest! therefore it STILL feels like it racing, yet when i feel it it's beating slow! Just from the years and years of it racing, my brain is still expecting that symptom to be there. Just goes to show how this anxiety is all in our brain!

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