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I should make another topic with this question, since it has nothing to do with this, but i don't want to flood the board, plus i just made one so i will ask in here.

What would be the next logical medication to try? I started with lexapro, highest i went was 20 or 25 mg's i forget what it was. Then after a few months of not feeling any different i was switched to paxil, CR 25. Did nothing for my anxiety, i mean helped a little i guess, but i was still afraid to leave the house, so i don't count that as helping. After that i tried a beta blocker called atenolol, like 25 mgs. And i onyl took it before anxious events. That didn't work, then i tried xanax , the lowest dose, i felt exactly the same while on it, no change. I was told to try taking another one, i got up to 3 and still nothing, and i didn't want to finally find what dose worked by taking too many and going into a coma, so i'll told my doc try something. last benzo i tried klonopin 25 mg,s that also did nothing lol. That was around a year and half ago, maybe two an di haven't' been on anything since, well know i'm on lopressor , and all that does for my anxiety is stop my heart from racing, my BP still spikes and my face still turns red, so i consider it another failure for me.

So now what? Do i have to start thinking about the higher medications? are SSRis going to be a bust for me, since those two didn't help? or could it just been the dosage that was wrong? or maybe i need something else while taking one? I'm not worried about any side effects at this point, plus i have ahd a GREAT track record with everything i tried! NO side effects at all! well the SSRI i felt weird the first few days taking it, but that went away. Plus even if i had a bad side effect, i'd rather have the medication side effect over the side effects i get from my anxiety such as, facial blushing, rapid heart beat, BP spikes, no sleep, panic attacks, insomnia and so on!

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