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Hello everyone,
This is my first post...and I am hoping to get some relief from replies!!!
I was diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder 10yrs ago!! I have been on Zoloft 100mg for most of those 10yrs....and 21/2 months ago all the anxiety and panic came back...almost like i wasn't taking any medication!!! So for the past couple of months I have tried increasing the zoloft....nothing....adding 20mg of Buspar....have been taking for about 3 weeks now....meh...maybe a little better but not nearly good enough!!!
This past weekend my Dr. convinced me to try 25mg of Seroquel at night!!
Oh my god....I felt like i was drunk for the next 3 days!!!
I will add...that I eat welll...take all my omega's and B,c,d etc. vitamins....excersise and dabble with yoga and meditation!!!
I have a familly history of this awful disorder....My Dad has luckily after 25yrs of being on medications in on his 6th week of being Med free!! Lucky guy!!!
He was on Zoloft also!! My Aunt has done really well with Celexa....and that is what I am going to my Dr. tomorrow to get!! Well Cipralex/Lexapro the newer version of Celexa!!
So anyways...I was hoping to hear of anyone who has done well on an SSRI for years and then all of a sudden it stopped working!! And what did they switch too and did it help?
Or anyone who has taken or is on Cipralex??
I pretty much am living on Ativan to get me through the days!! Thank god for that!!!

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