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:(Hi, I really don't know where to start but Im so scared and tired of feeling like this.

It all started age 19 during the summer ..On night I got up off a chair and felt like i was going to pass out It was such a horrible feeling. I went to sleep the next morning i woke up and the feeling was still there ...I felt head pressure, weakness, numbness, muscle spasms and general feeling of being ill the worst symptom was very bad chest pains.

I went to ER as the chest pains were so bad I was told I had a long QT and told to stay in for tests .... I had several ECG'S and then a 24 hour heart monitor they told me to go home i was fine. I went home still with chest pains and with the words the doctor had told me before the tests saying i had a slight long QT. The week after a boy in my school died from this. I was so scared I went back to my GP who said that there was no signs of any long QT so he didnt understand why this was mentioned to me.

Im 22 now I had got over the chest pains. I have been on lexapro and cymbalta but am currently only on xanax which i find is a great help. About 3 weeks ago i developed a lower back pain which got worse as the weeks went on I went to my doctor who told me I had a kidney infection .. When I finished the antibiotics I went back and the pain hadn't passed. Then sunday morning the pain got so bad I had to go to ER I was in so much discomfort, The doctor injected me with two painkillers neither of them touched on the pain. He did blood work with was all fine except slightly raised WBC and anaemia.

I have had this raised WBC for a while but my GP tells me its nothing to worry about. Surely its not normal. I still have the back pain the only thing the doctor said came up on the xray was that i was constipated yet i have regular bowel movements. Im in pain right at this moment and feel generally unwell.

The doctors keep saying there is nothing wrong with me but how can this be true if i feel so physically sick. I keep thinking it must be cancer somewhere in my body. My mind cannot cause all this.

Im so scared ..I was training to be a teacher and my life fell apart ..I got excellent grades then had to drop out because of how i felt. I am due to start college next week again but will probably not be able to with this discomfort. I have been to see psychologists etc... and there is nothing to signify a trigger for this.

Could I be seriously ill?

Please help me ..I cry every night I just want to feel well again.
Check the anemia board. Anemia can cause MANY of the symptoms you are talking about. The lightheadedness, weakness, numbness muscle spasms. Anemia is a very serious condition, especially if you have low ferritin. You should also have the doctor test you for b12 and magnesium deficiency. I don't know about the back pain, but the other symptoms can certainly be caused by vitamin deficiencies...

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