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Lexapro saved me. Yes, the initial side effects are horirble but it worked for me. Amazingly well.

You have to be able to deal with about 2 weeks of worse anxiety and gastro side effects are horrible. But then it starts to work and it's like a switch goes off in your brain. I had to do this twice...first on 5mg and second on 10mg. You literally wake up and you know it's working.

Best of luck to you...but yes, you have to stick with it.

You could give it a couple more weeks to see if it works for you. I felt only a small amount of relief on 5mg and felt I needed 10mg to get the most relief. My anxiety was horrible! The side effects will probably reappear when you up the dose. The side effects I had on 5mg was nausea and lack of appetite like you. Then when I went to 10mg, I don't remember having nausea, but I did have lack of appetite for a couple weeks. I slowly got better. So, if you're anxiety is really bad, you may want to climb up to 10mg sooner than later to feel relief faster. It will take a couple more weeks.

It was hard to continue my normal life the first couple weeks. It's only been in the last weeks or two that I've finally started to feel a lot better. It was a slow process for me.

I'm with you both about side effects with starting Lexapro. I cut my 10 mg tablet into quarters for goodness' sake and it's made me feel so sick. I wish I didn't have to eat food, wish I could just take a tablet instead and I love my food usually. I think it's fairly common for ADs to do this for the first couple of weeks but if it's three and it's still happening then you need to talk to your doctor. Maybe it's not the right one for you. Isn't it horrible being anxious like this, going to ER with our palpitations/light headedness, thinking something awful is going to happen to us. Why are we like this? I'm so over it. I've had it for 20 years. I'm 40 now.
When I first discussed Lexapro with my doctor she said 10mg was the normal "theraputic" dose. Why did I not listen to her!!! I too started on the 5mg dose and felt a little relief but not much. Went to 10mg. Had to do the side effects all over again. But voila! It worked! I'm now on nearly 12 weeks and it really does work.

So if you're on 5mg and feeling at least something, please consider a move to 10mg. Yes the side effects will be horrible all over again, but it does work and it will feel like a giant boulder gets lifted. You'll still have anxiety but it will make it much easier to work through it with therapy.

Whatever dose you choose, please give it 6 weeks for maximum effectiveness unless it's obvious that it's not working after 3.

Best wishes!

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