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Hi people

First a few details about the past week of my life...

Brain/mind feels spacey, dazed, soupy, foggy, syrupy, zomby-ish, lots of anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, insomnia/early wakening, feels like I'm breathing underwater, lower-lip/jaw tremors/quivering/spasming off and on for several days.

I have a history of anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, depression (but I don't currently feel depressed), Tourettes (with head/neck jerking) and lots of allergies. I'm also a reformed alcoholic. I am 45/male non-drinker/non-smoker but did used to drink/smoke.

I was also in a car accident which damaged my cervical vertebrae/spine and the Tourette's head/neck jerks don't exactly help matters!.

I have been taking Ativan for many years for the anxiety/panic.

A week ago I took a Lorcet and that day had several head/neck jerking episodes that were so severe that I could actually feel an electric shock go down my spine each time it happened. That day, I also began to have tremors/spasms/twitches in my lower lip and jaw, my head didn't feel right and I was short of breath and I also had a really bad bout of insomnia for 4-5 days thereafter.

Does any of this sound familiar?. Can anyone else here relate to the symptoms/experience I have just talked about?.

Thanks very much!, Steve

Please help

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