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[QUOTE=Natty44;3752608]I am also hypothyroid and have severe anxiety and am on Lexapro but it is not helping. I went to the endocrinologist last week for a second opinion - while my TSH is "within normal limits" of being something like 4.6, he said they like to see the levels closer to 2 - so he increased my Synthroid to 175 mcg. As far as anxiety, he didn't really say whether the two are related but I have read where it is. I have an apt with my internist tomorrow to talk about the Lexapro and why it's not making me feel better - I have been on it almost 6 weeks. Did it help you when you were taking it?[/QUOTE]
Hi Natty44,

We should probably go to the thyroid boards to discuss this, but since we are here for now... There is a growing part of the medical community that sees TSH levels very differently than they have been seen for the past decades. It used to be that anything under a 5.0 was considered "normal" and that doctors wouldn't even treat until levels reached much higher. And the labs that test blood use this on their readouts to determine what is "normal." HOWEVER, the American Society of Endocronologists shifted its guidelines a few years back to say that anything as low as 3.0 is suspect. ([url][/url]) HOWEVER, there are more and more doctors (I've met 2 of them) that believe women feel best around 1.0-2.0. I can personally vouch that I feel pretty good around a 1.2.

I have been on Levoxyl 88 mcg for several months. We added Cytomel for a few months and my anxiety was OUT OF CONTROL. I was ready to leave my job, my family and give up my life to live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere where no news or current events could reach. But, I got off the Cytomel and my anxiety went back to normal (for me, which is still pretty high). I am stopping the Levoxyl and trying Armour next week.

When I was prescribed Lexapro, I did not feel like it helped my anxiety. I felt like I actually got sort of depressed on it and very lethargic and apathetic. But, that was just a year or two before I had my hypothyroidism diagnoised - so it could have been that too, which would mean that the Lexapro did nothing at all. I stopped the Lexapro cold turkey, which was a very bad decision. I had twitches and these little electric shocks in my body for several days or weeks.

Sorry to hear you're having troubles getting the meds right. Keep tweaking. And... have your doctor check some other things like Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Cortisol, and adrenals. These can all effect you in weird ways too. I have low Vitamin D and Vitamin B12, so I am going to take supplements. My Cortisol and adrenals were normal, but they are worth checking out just to rule them out.

Good luck!

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