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I'm new to all of this but I'll try to briefly explain my story.

This started for me the end of July. I am in the teaching profession and spent the summer off (without pay- because I'm a sub) so I had a lot of free time on my hands. I tried to keep myself busy but became bored and worried about not having a paycheck for roughly three months because I couldn't find only summer help. Anyway, for about two days my chest began to feel a bit tight and I felt a little shortness of breath- but I chalked it up to allergies or something like that. I was watching tv and I felt a muscle twitch where my ribs meet (around the heart area). And being a true hypocondriac I immediately thought it was my heart. For the next five days my chest was tight (like that rubber band feeling), shortness of breath, some hot/cold flashes, a lot of muscle twitching everywhere, was constantly worried and thinking about my heart, and my pulse was very very high... at one point it was 100 resting. I would also get tingling in my fingers and wouldn't move off the couch because I was afraid if I moved too much I would have a heartattack. So after day 5 of this I went to my doctor... she did an ekg, complete bloodwork, and a chest xray.. everything fine- not even high blood pressure. By the way, I'm a 25 year old female, not over weight and reletively healthy. So she basically said I was fine. Since then I have good times and bad. If I feel something weird in my chest then it starts all over again and lasts for days or weeks. Especially that feeling in my chest where it feels like I'm falling or the wind got knocked out of me... that seems to happen out of nowhere. I also have a cough when I have what I think are anxiety attacks, which my mom just calls my "nervous cough" and sometimes right before I fall asleep I get:( that falling feeling and get jolted awake. Sometimes I get a "lump" in my throat and feel jumpy about things when I never was before. I don't get all of these symptoms each time, probably have 3 or 4 at a time. My brother was diagnosed with anxiety and is on xanax and my mom went through something like this a few years ago (fast heartbeat) and she was hospitilized but nothing was wrong. The health anxiety side of me wants to get more tests done just to be sure but being just a substitute I don't have good insurance and would have to pay for it myself. I also believe it's just anxiety and don't want to make a big deal out of it like I do for every other health scare. I just wanted to know what all of you thought so I can stop worrying- any of the same symptoms?

Thanks for all your help! :confused:
i have all those symptoms.. and i'm the same way, i obsess over health problems that i begin to hae symptoms of everything.. i'm especially worried about that weird chest feeling/cough. i have it too.. it feels like suddenly get punched in the gut, takes the wind out of me, but also makes likea burning feeling in the back of my throat or something. ?? i dunno, is weird.. then i feel like i'm gonna pass out, alot!! i've been worried about lung cancer because my mom died from it last year, so, of ourse i wen tto the doc with my symptoms and told her i think i have lung cancer.. she says i dont.. but for almost a year now, i can hear noise deep in my chest when i breathe real deep, especially first thing in the morning.. i dont know if its fluid or just a noise, like something rubbing. i just dont know.. my doc doesnt hear it. and i had a complete physical she says i'm still fine.. but allllll of these symptoms combined, makes me sure i am dying.. btw i have been going through this for about 8 yrs now.. i'm 32, female, normal healthy weight/thin.. i've been obsessed with my heart/chest since i was 23..
hi Alefever - you and I are twins!! I totally obsess over my health 24/7 - I hate it!! Any disease or illness I think about I feel like I have. I also feel lightheaded and like I will pass out alot. However, I also have a feeling of fluid in my left lung and I will feel something moving around and hear it at different times. I did go to a walk in clinic in July and that doctor heard "something" so he sent me to the hospital for a chest x-ray - they also heard "something" however, the x-ray was clear so they could never explain the noise. I've been to several doctors since and they have heard nothing and also had 2 additional chest x-rays since July and nothing shows up - but I hear something!! In fact, I was at my parents last weekend and took a stethascope (my mom's a nurse) and listened to my lung and I heard it!! Then my uncle came over an hour later - who's a doctor and he listened and of course the sound wasn't there anymore. It's very frustrating. Are you taking anything for your anxiety? I take 5 ML of Lexapro for 6 weeks now, however, it hasn't helped so the doc upped my dose to 10 ML. Hang in there! I'm 45 and had my first anxiety attack in my teens then it got really bad after the birth of my second child 18 years ago and I've been struggling with it ever since.

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