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Yes! I will turn my body and hear a rush of something which sounds like fluid to me!! how strange right?? Also, like you, my anxiety went away in high school and college and came back at 27 years of age - after my second child. I am constantly checking my pulse too on my neck - it's crazy! I have been to the cardiologist and had an Echo which shows I have PACs - premature atrial contractions - which just means palpitations, but it still scares me when my heart skips or flutters. I will have a hard time adjusting with my eyes too however, I'm on the computer all day so maybe that's why and I do wear contacts. I just had my eyes checked and they were fine. Who knows - I do believe that anxiety creates so many weird symptoms but when it's happening it's very scary and you think you are dying - I also have the dizziness and feeling of being of being off balance which is a miserable symptom. Oh my - I'm sorry you are going through this. This board does help in knowing the others struggle with these things too.
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oh yah .. i have nights where i'm jolted awake every few minutes, all night long. i'll get like a head pressure, a sort of rush, that will jolt me awake and keep happening. then i'll finally fall asleep with hot/cold flashes, chills, shaking. its very scary.. a week ago was the last time i had that. and before that, it had been many months.. so ever since then, i' dealing with alot of weird head feelings/rushes/pressure, dizziness.

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