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My position on the health anxiety is to get the tests done and if they (the tests) come back good, try to work on believeing it.

Anxiety produces so many symptoms and our minds try to process those symptoms with body scanning in an effort to explain it. It's hard for us to really realize that our anxiety (the fight or flight response on overload) would be making us feel this way. It does. I've had heart palpitations, dizziness, weak rubbery legs, nausea, numbness in hands, right arm pain, digestive disturbances (don't want to give TMI there yikes), panic attacks, episodes of fast heartbeat, hyperventilation, hot flashes, blurry vision, feeling of not controlling all my muscles, muscle spasm, pain in the neck and shoulders from being tense, headaches, oh and I bet there has been a lot more I forget off the top of my head.

Go see the Doc to rule out anything like anemia, thyroid and heck aids if you would feel better. Although I want you to know that aids is a common worry for many I know who dwell on health issues because it is such a scary one, but most of the time it's good old anxiety rearing it's head.

You can get a handle on this you just have to feel confident that you are ok and know what's really going on. KNowing really takes some of the bite out of it because it's easier to sit and say ok this is just another episode of X and I know it will pass even though it sure sucks as opposed to sitting and being fearful it might be a symptom of y or g disease.

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