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Welcome Tigger, sorry to hear you are suffering so horribly:( We all take our turns it seems. Funny you mentioned a headache. About a week ago I woke up in bed with my neck in a funny position and got a pain in left side of head. Off and on during the day I will feel like I could get a headache, but when I go to bed, lately, I wake up at some point with the pain in my head. Now, I just got done taking Flagyl for the 3rd time, could be a long term side effect, I have also reduced my caffeine to only 1 cup of half cafe a day, so I know there is explanations...Also , viruses, muscle spasms. And yet, I found myelf looking up "headache" causes on the internet this morning. Which leads anyone with health anxiety into trouble....You can only imagine what I found about headaches. I interrupted my cycle and made myself quit looking and I am not going to go look again, I cannot do that....I know this is hard to get thru, but we all have eachother at least. Keep me posted on how you all are doing....Chrystal

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