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Hi, Chrystal . . . I, too, am dealing with the Pap situation. Had an abnormal one in August and will have to get another in March to see if it has improved.

I was pretty bad off for a week or two after hearing about that abnormal one. I find I do not dwell on it now but probably will get anxious again when it starts getting close to the retest date.

One strategy I try to use is the affirmation that "right here, right now, I am okay."

Anxiety could cause you to pee more because you may unconsciously tighten your core muscles and then once the stressor has eased up, everything relaxes and urine is allowed to come out, so you would probably have built some up in there, sort of like when you sleep all night and have to go a lot in the morning.

I would imagine tight muscles can cause back pain, too. Just amazing what we can do to ourselves when we are anxious!

Hang in there and keep us informed on how things go!

Lindaru :)
Hi Lindaru! Thanks so much for your response. I think you have a great point, about "right here, right now, I am okay". Taking things in small steps is much more manageable. What a practical suggestion. That's something we can all do more of each day. Chrystal36, you are doing a great job. I know those nerves are something else, and just as Lindaru said, it's amazing what we can create in ourselves. I too was experiencing wrenching back pain for months, all the way down my left side, and eventually my left hip was hurting, sometimes so badly I couldn't sleep. Of course, I researched every possibility on the internet! :dizzy: I was also feeling like I was in the bathroom a lot more than usual, and was positive I had irritable bowel syndrome, at best! See what I mean, there are other people like us who have this constant battle!

When I finally saw the Dr. he told me it was sciatic nerve pain, and gave me a bunch of stretches. After a while, it has almost completely gone away. We create so much stress with worry. If you find yourself worrying, take a minute to review your muscle tension throughout your body, and you will be amazed. You jaw will be tight, your neck muscles tense, your shoulders will not be relaxed, your stomach will be churning, your breathing will be shallow, and then your back hurts because your posture is probably off, not mention how we sleep! Wow, that's a recipe for all kinds of aches and pains, all self-induced.

Try to consciously relax yourself next time you begin to feel this way. Intentionally divert your attention to something you enjoy. Remember, no more internet researching! :) Once those results come in you will feel a huge relief! Maybe you'll get them as a birthday gift, wouldn't that be wonderful? Great work on the salon appointment, pamper yourself. Make sure you enjoy every minute of it too!
Hi Tyeshe2!

Welcome to the board, and we're so glad to have you join the discussion about anxiety. I'm very sorry you're suffering with this too, but I hope you find as much encouragement and hope here as I have so far.

I had never really thought about the anxiety building for a while, before finally revealing itself. Thank you for sharing that. I am going to reflect on my "pre-anxiety" times and see what "snowflakes" were accumulating.

As for your physical symptoms, I can personally say yes to the tense jaw, sore neck, and fatigue. I think we expend an enormous amount of energy coping with our anxiety, and that reveals itself when we clench our jaw, are tense in our shoulders and neck, and the fatigue is from our emotional drain. I have suffered from shoulder and neck pain for quite a while. Somedays I have none, others I feel like I have an elephant sitting on me!

When you begin to feel the anxiety, take a moment to review your physical tension. From your head to your feet, note if your holding muscles tense and consciously relax them. It's easy to do, and you can do it anywhere. You will be amazed at how much tension you are holding and you don't even know it. Practice some sort of relaxation technique daily that works for you, to alleviate the tension and the side effects of it.

Let me know how it works for you, and we look forward to sharing your progress.
Anxiety is so frustrating, isn't it? Thank you 33george for sharing, it sounds like you're right in the middle of all this like we are. I'm sorry that you struggle with health anxiety too.

Chrystal33, it sounds like you may have a pinched nerve. I hurt my back several months ago walking my dog. I know that sounds silly, but she would run to the end of her leash then it would yank my arm. It took me months to figure out why my back would hurt to badly, up to my neck and down through my sciatic nerve. Finally, I stopped walking her that way and it felt much better. Muscle strain and tension can have a sudden onset and take months of alleviate.

Try a heating pad or warm compress, and make sure your posture is good. Don't let your shoulders sag as that strains your core muscles. I'm sorry this is causing so much anxiety, but remember when we worry obessessively that we become tense all over. Your jaw clenches, tension headaches run up the back of your head, your shoulders are tense, and you take shallow breaths.

Take some time to mentally relax your body. Sit in a quiet room and run through each place of tension in your body. Is your jaw relaxed? Are your shoulders relaxed? Are you breathing deeply? Are your back muscles relaxed...all the way through your body and then do it again. You'll be surprised at how much tension you're holding. You'll also be surprised at how much you'll tense up right away. That's why you need to do it several times.

It could be that you're responding the weather changes too. I always get a terrible headache, sinus pain, and nausea when the weather changes. It's a sensitivity to the barometric pressure. Many people have this and aren't even aware of it. If you have a history of headaches, this could be it. I've had headaches for years, it runs in my family.

Okay, now deep breath and no more internet research!!! You know it's not good for you. If all else fails, go see the Dr. They'll probably give you some muscle relaxants and you will finally sleep and feel better. If you're waking up tense it's because you are sleeping awkwardly. Try out a new pillow, or a relaxation routine before you go to bed.
Sometime watching a funny movie is helpful, because it's cheerful.

Big hugs and keep in touch. :wave: 33george, have you found the Zoloft is helpful for the anxiety?
I totally can relate to your post tigger. I'm sure you have read my posts, my health anxiety is a doozy. I go from one thing to the next, and even though I know it's my pattern, it is still a hard one to stop, and even harder sometimes to convince myself I am ok, yet another time. I too find comfort and release when talking to others thru this board, it really helps. I am still having a pain in my head, for example, when I was getting laundry out of washer, etc.,seems to be when I am doing something using muscles, as you said tiredofworry. My neck hurts and I am tense all over, I know, and seem to carry a mild headachey feeling off and on... I should of never looked head pain up on the net, the fear sets in. I try to rationalize, this all started 2 weeks ago when I woke in bed with my neck in a crooked position, moving it and had the first pain, upper middle left side of head. I would, like all of you, like to learn to break this cycle, without medical help. I am not going to the doctor this time, it will settle, when it's ready. Tigger, I am very sorry you also have health anxiety, it is no fun, but I believe that thru this board we all will get thru......Chrystal

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