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Welcome Tigger, sorry to hear you are suffering so horribly:( We all take our turns it seems. Funny you mentioned a headache. About a week ago I woke up in bed with my neck in a funny position and got a pain in left side of head. Off and on during the day I will feel like I could get a headache, but when I go to bed, lately, I wake up at some point with the pain in my head. Now, I just got done taking Flagyl for the 3rd time, could be a long term side effect, I have also reduced my caffeine to only 1 cup of half cafe a day, so I know there is explanations...Also , viruses, muscle spasms. And yet, I found myelf looking up "headache" causes on the internet this morning. Which leads anyone with health anxiety into trouble....You can only imagine what I found about headaches. I interrupted my cycle and made myself quit looking and I am not going to go look again, I cannot do that....I know this is hard to get thru, but we all have eachother at least. Keep me posted on how you all are doing....Chrystal
I'm having anxiety and stress....I started with having a pain in my head, left side, near top of head, middle area, one morning when I woke up and was laying crooked , when I moved my neck I had a pain in my head on that side. That was over a week ago and I still get a pain in my head, when I am in bed, just once per night basically, and earlier i had one while on the computer. Sometimes during the day I feel like i could get a headache, but I dont, or feel a bit nauseated... I have TMJ, with the popping and clicking and all those problems, scoliosis, acid reflux...BUT, all I had to do was look up headache tonight and read about anyerisms to make me whip out.... I know my pattern, of having a symptom, looking it up, and then stressing totally out over the worst thing. My upper shoulders hurts, back of my neck all over and where spine is hurts. I need to try and relax, take aspirin and my vitamins and pray,till this subsides. I am determined to NOT run to a dr as i have so many times....Please, any words of encouragment now would be helpful.....I have read about all causes of headaches and am taking magnesium to help, and trying to relax till this goes away....I think stress doesn't help. Chrystal:(
Hey george, thank you for the response. MY neck is also bothering me, that along with my TMJ is my problem....I know that, when I try to think rationally, then, somehow, fear sets in anyway sometimes. I did not have a pain in my head in bed last night, but did this morning when I was putting a shirt on. I wonder if I move a muscle somewhere a certain way and boom, a head pain. I took aspirin this morning, I seem to just feel like I could have a headache, my left jaw is aching too anyway. I see head pain for you is a stroke coming on, for me I looked on the internet and found some people that had head pains for a while and had aneurisms, etc. Which, reading that just set in my fear. My head has bothered me with that darn pain on left upper side now, almost 2 weeks and I am tired of it. If I could just relax and realize I am ok, and nothing is killing me, I would feel better. I recognize this is my pattern, I get something bothering me, research it, and find the worst scenerio and get anxiety ridden, until it goes away, then the next symptom comes and I am on to that. I like you george, have gone to the doctors, ers, etc., and always have something totally minor, which only racks up med bills...Which, I haven't even gotten the bills from my last bout of tests. I am really NOT going to look up symptoms today, and pray this soon will pass....I hope the same for us all. Thanks for letting me vent everyone:)
Anxiety is so frustrating, isn't it? Thank you 33george for sharing, it sounds like you're right in the middle of all this like we are. I'm sorry that you struggle with health anxiety too.

Chrystal33, it sounds like you may have a pinched nerve. I hurt my back several months ago walking my dog. I know that sounds silly, but she would run to the end of her leash then it would yank my arm. It took me months to figure out why my back would hurt to badly, up to my neck and down through my sciatic nerve. Finally, I stopped walking her that way and it felt much better. Muscle strain and tension can have a sudden onset and take months of alleviate.

Try a heating pad or warm compress, and make sure your posture is good. Don't let your shoulders sag as that strains your core muscles. I'm sorry this is causing so much anxiety, but remember when we worry obessessively that we become tense all over. Your jaw clenches, tension headaches run up the back of your head, your shoulders are tense, and you take shallow breaths.

Take some time to mentally relax your body. Sit in a quiet room and run through each place of tension in your body. Is your jaw relaxed? Are your shoulders relaxed? Are you breathing deeply? Are your back muscles relaxed...all the way through your body and then do it again. You'll be surprised at how much tension you're holding. You'll also be surprised at how much you'll tense up right away. That's why you need to do it several times.

It could be that you're responding the weather changes too. I always get a terrible headache, sinus pain, and nausea when the weather changes. It's a sensitivity to the barometric pressure. Many people have this and aren't even aware of it. If you have a history of headaches, this could be it. I've had headaches for years, it runs in my family.

Okay, now deep breath and no more internet research!!! You know it's not good for you. If all else fails, go see the Dr. They'll probably give you some muscle relaxants and you will finally sleep and feel better. If you're waking up tense it's because you are sleeping awkwardly. Try out a new pillow, or a relaxation routine before you go to bed.
Sometime watching a funny movie is helpful, because it's cheerful.

Big hugs and keep in touch. :wave: 33george, have you found the Zoloft is helpful for the anxiety?

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