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Hi Asavage - yes, I have all those symptoms and more - I hate the dizziness and lightheaded feelings!! I know it's not low blood sugar too cause when I eat something or drink some Orange Juice, it doesn't help (plus my glucose is normal) - I've always been told that it's anxiety but it's miserable. I have it the minute I wake up (read my post of Feel worse in the mornings) I will feel off balance, dizzy, nauseas and lightheaded - it's all I can do to try to get ready for work - I feel like I'm going to pass out sometimes! I have been on Lexapro - 5 ML for 6 weeks but just upped it to 10 ML this week because I wasn't feeling much better - I also have to take a half of a xanax almost every day to get by. I hate these feelings - I also get weak feeling - do you get that? Where my arms and legs feel heavy and weak? I have been checked out through and through and they always tell me the same thing - stress/anxiety/depression. For what it's worth - mine first started in 1991 after the birth of my second child - I was 27 and going balistic! I'm 45 now so I have been dealing with this on and off for almost 18 years! I'm praying the Lexapro will kick in soon. They put me on a Tricyclic anti-dressant in 1991 and that worked wonderful - however, I have palpitations so the cardiologist said I can't take Tricyclic meds anymore :( which is a shame - seems they have less side-effects than the SSRIs do. Good luck to you! I know how you feel - when my kids were little like yours are now I worried about the same thing - what if I pass out or something when they're with me. Now that my kids are teenagers - I would hope that they would take care of me should I pass out! lol

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