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I'm on Lexapro too, for two years now, and also on Xanax as needed, which is every night and sometimes daily. The Lexapro has helped with some anxiety, but mostly gave me more of a "happy" in general feeling. But the bad anxiety attacks it does nothing for. If I don't take a Xanax at night I sit up all night with anxiety about something to worry over. I tried to go off the Lexapro and see if I could just take the Xanax, but it seems I'm now hooked on the Lexapro becaues I have severe mood swings when I tried to wean off. So, when the Dr.'s say Xanax is more addictive then the SSRI's are they are full of it. Your body gets just as addicted to an SSRI as it does with Xanax or Atavan. But anyways, Xanax has always helped with me. And I have a good Dr. who says I will probably need it for life. It only took 5 Dr.'s and 11 years to find one who would quit playing guinea pig with me and taking all the other antidepressants and SSRI's to know what works. He agrees with me that Xanax is no worse than an SSRI.
My anxiety makes me feel like I have real physical symptoms, so I have a very hard time telling if I really have something wrong. I feel like a hypochondriac when I get a "physical" problem.
I've had anxiety all my life and my sisters either have bipolar or depression or anxiety too. Our grandmother and mother had it, and we are now seeing it in our children. It's no fun that's for sure.. Take Care. Michelle

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