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Need some advice
Oct 24, 2008
Hi everyone so recently I was invited to a huge concert about 45 miles away, when i was 24 it wouldn't have been an issue, but now i have a really bad anxiety disorders. So here's the deal, I have bad anxiety, and i was prescribed a low dosage of valium for my anxiety, I'm on a half a pill (5mg) of paxil. I also have high bloodpressure for which i take 5mg of bystolic, and I use an inhaler twice a day for my mild asthma. My concern is that the stimuli, loud music, will cause me to get so anxious my blood pressure will shoot up and cause damage to my heart or make me feel really sick (i've never thrown up) but the fear of it lingers. I've always had issues with extremely loud music, but now is much worse. I want to go because my life has become extremely dull and void of any fun but i'm very scared that i might just lose control and have no place to collect myself. Any thoughts?:(

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