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Hi Melly
When I first began to feel anxious I had exactly the same trouble, I just couldn't get up and also could not stop crying because my anxiety is alo linked with depression. My doctor completely signed me off work and I am only working part time now because full time is still too much for me. I still get strong anxiety in the mornings and I tend to just have to battle through it. When I was at my worst I used to get up and then just try and concentrate on doing one thing that day whether it be going to a shop, a short walk or just watching a comedy maybe, when I had a achieved that one thing for the day I felt a little better. However when I felt like staying in bed I did just that, I think my anxiety always becomes worse when something is happening that I do not have control over and getting up and going to work is unfortunately one of those things! Do you have support around you? Has your anxiety also caused you to question the way you think of people in your life, eg. friends, relationship? Are you on any medication for this at the moment?
Thanks for your replies Melly, Emm

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