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Feeling in my chest
Oct 27, 2008
For the past two night (and it's probably happened about 5 or so times in the last three months) I have been laying on the couch and felt a weird feeling in my chest. I get that wind knocked out of me/falling feeling in my chest then at that same moment the middle of my chest flutters. It lasts for probably two seconds and then I'm fine. But it's enough to get me nervous and worried. No pain. And actually my anxiety has been pretty good... palpatations down, no tightness in chest, etc. Anyone else get that symptom? I'm trying to just ignore it but its hard. :(
I've had weird heart flutters here and there too and it only lasts a few seconds. I don't think it is anything to worry about really.
Hi Rlk77,

I have experienced the same feeling at times. Not lately. I figured it was another "side effect" of my celexa. I had "unannounced twitching" in my legs and ankles too. :) You described the feeling exactly. It felt like my diaphragm or something just jerked and then it was gone.

Hope yours subsides like mine has.


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