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Celexa and emotions
Oct 28, 2008
I have been on celexa for one year. I have found that my emotions are gone! I guess if the anxiety was also took away my "happy feelings" not depressed but the excited feelings you may have if you are leaving on vacation, I rarely cry anymore. I have been to funerals and in situations where I normally would have boohooed my eyes out. No tears..

I feel wonderful and my anxiety is gone but, I have wondered about this "side effect." I am dealing with insomnia by taking a sleeping pill from doctor..sexual side effects, I have [I]learned to live with [/I]along with the help and understanding of a loving husband.

Oh well, I've rambled. Celexa has given me most of my life back. :)

i have been on this med for 5 yrs now and it has worked wonders for me BUT has also done the same thing as husband says,not in a mean way,that i almost have a cold heart! i am very emotionless now as far as crying but i do find sometimes i have regret after emotional situations i shouldve handled differently after the fact and tend to dwell on them!! i am thinking of going off this med because i seem to be alot more "serious" of a person now either from age or this main problem is weight gain,40 lbs altogether!!! i dont know what to say and unless want to go off this med there probably isnt much you can do but live with it sometimes its better than the other options.

Thanks for your answer. I was good to have someone to talk with. I plan to stay on meds mostly 'cause I don't want to go through the withdrawal symptoms. :-)

I was lucky with the weight issue. I actually lost 18 pounds at the appetite, but have gained a little back. Good luck to you.


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